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We leave open same day and 48 hour emergency appointments for those unplanned events that require immediate care. They do fill up on some days but we make every effort to get your child in as soon as possible. Please call our office to peak with coordinator who will relay information about the emergency to the doctor.


We recommend that all patients be seen every 6 months for a periodic oral exam and cleaning. This has shown to greatly reduce cost of dental treatment, improve the overall health of the child and help that child get comfortable going to the dentist as an adult.

In Office Procedures

  • Tooth Colored Fillings
  • Growth Analysis & Space Management
  • Braces for kids & Teens, and adults In Office.

Sedation Services

Our trained staff has access to a full variety of medications that can help make your child’s visit easy and pain-free.

  • Nitrous Oxide: “Laughing Gas” reduces anxiety and makes procedures physically more comfortable for the child.
  • Light Sedation: “Sleepy juice” helps the child to be more relaxed and less nervous.

General Anesthesia (Full Sedation)

  • Both In-Office and Out-Patient Sedation Services are covered by OHP/Medicaid with a prior approval.
  • All Full Sedation services are performed by a licensed and board-certified Anesthesiologist with a nurse anesthetist present at all times during the procedure just like in a hospital setting.
  • In-Office Full Sedation enlists the aide of a specialized Anesthesiologist and nurse anesthetist, to provide general anesthesia to fully sedate your child for more complicated and “scary” procedures such as multiple extractions. This is a great option for children who have no major health concerns and families who would prefer not to go to a hospital or surgery center. We can substancially lower the financial cost, as well as provide a more relaxed experience for the child.
  • Out-Patient Full Sedation is done at McKenzie surgery center or a Hospital. We reccommend full sedation at a surgery center when the child has other medical complications or insurance will only pay for the work to be done in a Surgery Center. All work can be done in one sitting, which is less traumatic than multiple trips to the dentist for invasive procedures. Out-Patient Full Sedation is covered by OHP/Medicaid as long as it is approved by the insurance company you are enrolled through. Please contact us if you have questions about your OHP insurance plan!


Dr. Adam Martin is our full time orthodontist. Working in both our Springfield and Eugene locations. We look forward to expanding access for affordable and integrated orthodontic treatment to more of our patients.

Collaborative Care

Unique to our clinic is the priceless benefit of having a dentist and orthodontist working together at the same location, and in direct communication with each other. When your child needs an extraction because that baby tooth just won’t seem to fall out to make space for braces, our dentist is there to help! And when your child’s mouth is developing too small for its teeth, our dentist prepares your child for braces with special appliances that help maintain space as teeth come in. All in all, our doctors are constantly working together and reviewing mutual patients to maximize their treatments here.

Familiar Support Staff

In addition to our clinic hosting collaborative doctors, we offer the value of providing the same support staff for both dentistry and orthodontia. We have the same account managers, schedulers, and dental assistants for both services. What does this mean to you and your child? Consistency, familiarity, and comfort. We understand that building a relationship with your dentist and a positive association with the office is important, especially for children, and we maintain that relationship when you decide to bring your child to visit us for orthodontic services.

Competitive Costs

One thing that often holds parents back from pursuing orthodontia is the cost of complete services. We understand that these numbers can be intimidating, which is why we make it a point to offer competitive prices to make it easier on you. We also offer several options of payment for parents and guardians:

Discounts for Eugene Kids’ Dentist and Springfield Kids’ Dentist patients – all patients currently visiting Eugene Kids’ Dentist and Springfield Kids’ Dentist are qualified to receive a discount for all orthodontic services. We like to see familiar faces and are happy to give back to our regular patients!

Payment Plans – during your free consultation, our staff will review with you your options for payment, specifically payment plans. After the estimated insurance contribution is accounted for, we offer reasonable payment plans that spread out the cost of braces with minimal to no interest accumulation.

Care Credit – Our clinic accepts Care Credit which is a personal credit line meant to help with medical expenses. Click HERE to learn more about Care Credit.

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